Jon Grimsley

FRONTCOM Commander


Four-star general and commander of Tirindor’s Frontier Theatre Command (FRONTCOM).

General Grimsley is 55 years old and a lifelong soldier. He is slight of build, at only 5’9" and 175 lbs., with a shaved head, clean-shaven face, and icy blue eyes. Despite his modest physique, he is intensely charismatic and projects a very commanding aura in person. He maintains a close, almost informal, bond with his support staff, and is widely admired by Parliament and the Prime Minister. The junior officers and enlisted men under his command, however, think less of him, believing him to be more politician and bureaucrat than commander.

In secret, General Grimsley loathes what he has become and sorely misses the days when he was a junior officer. Moreover, he is deeply worried about the threat posed by the Tarquinid Legion, to an extent that frequently interferes with his ability to sleep; he seldom gets more than four hours of sleep a night, leaving deep creases and wrinkles in his otherwise youthful face.

Jon Grimsley

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