The Wolf & The Eagle


The Legion came out of the west, a vast, nomadic army of professional soldiers fleeing the devastation of their homeland. They marched across thousands of miles, sacking and plundering every city in their path in search of a new land worthy of calling home. They found it at last when they arrived on the western banks of the Cobalt River. Across the raging blue rapids was Tirindor, an ancient and wealthy republic grown complacent and weak after centuries of peace.

The Tirindorian’s initial overtures of peace were sharply rebuked when their diplomatic envoy was butchered and only one man left alive to carry their bloody heads back to the capital as a warning of what was to come. A year has passed since their bloody advent, and a cold war has broken out on the western frontier: Legion raiding parties continue to harass the roads and cities along the river’s eastern shore, while the republic revives its flagging army and prepares for the coming war.

The Wolf and the Eagle